Bashkaus River White Water Rafting

In 1988, a group of Soviets and Americans got together with the help of Project RAFT to try to challenge the Bashkaus River in Siberia, Russia, (then the USSR). 

I can vividly recall being awe stuck while on the raft struggling with our Russian rafters. Trying to keep our raft going in the right direction glancing up at the US and USSR flags flying together. This had happen only a few times prior. If rafters of both nations can unite to one goal (baring unknown circumstances) our nations may have a future of cooperation. At least that was the hope.

Below are never before published images of the 1988 Bashkaus River rafting event. Hope you’ll enjoy them … 

Bashkaus helicopter rideBashkaus white water raftingtrimaran raft run bashkaus riverAt shore of the Bashkaus River
Helicopter ride to the Bashkaus River
US & USSR flags wave as rafters go down the Bashkaus River
Preparing the rafts
Shoreside on the Bashkaus River
At the campsite
Kenneth ‘Ken’ J Casey nearby a Bashkaus River village

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