Here at the Archive page you’ll discover vintage footage about Project RAFT and Siberian rafting.

Project RAFT 1987 US-USSR Rafting on the Katun River in Siberia, Russia

In August of 1987, the first ever joint Soviet-American river rafting expedition took place in south-central Siberia.

Mutual of Omaha's - Spirit of Adventure

Rafting into Siberia - Katun River - Project Raft

This documentary special follows the journey of a Soviet-American rafting expedition into the remote region of Altai, Siberia, by way of the Katun and Bashkaus Rivers. A presentation of ‘Mutual of Omaha’s Spirit of Adventure’ series.

The 'Soviet Ural' documentary almanac

Directly from the Russian archives. This video short follows the early adventures of river rafting in Siberia with Russians and Americans via Project RAFT.

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